Why RentSmart?
RentSmart™ is a nationwide program to assist current renters achieve the goal of home ownership with up to $10,000 in equity credit to use towards the purchase of a new or existing home.*

How is credit accrued?  Equity Credit Calculator Equity Credit Calculator
Once enrolled in RentSmart™, you automatically accrue equity credit each month at a rate equal to 15% of your current monthly rent.

What is the cost?
There are NO MONTHLY FEES to participate in the program - registration is free.  However, YOU MUST REGISTER IN ORDER TO RECEIVE CREDIT.

How to claim your credit?
When you’re ready to purchase your home, a participating RentSmart™ real estate agent specializing in your area will work with you to find your home and apply your equity credit through escrow at closing.*

Who is eligible?
If you currently rent, and are current with the terms of your rental agreement, you are eligible to enroll in RentSmart™ at this time.
The program is NOT limited to first-time homebuyers!

Learn more:
There are some basic guidelines in order to receive credit at the time of your home purchase.*

You must use a RentSmart™ approved real estate agent when purchasing your home.  This requirement ensures our members are served by trained and licensed real estate professionals.  We work with real estate agents located in every major market throughout the U.S. 

The home you are purchasing must provide a commission of 3% or more to our real estate agents - that's how they get paid.  
3% is industry standard and most homes listed for sale in the MLS qualify.

Have more questions?

Get your questions answered quickly from knowledgeable specialists just a click away.

Send an email to info@rentsmartprogram.com and a representative will get back to you.

You can contact us by calling 

*For complete information on RentSmart, click here to view terms and conditions.
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